Autonomous 3D Mapping Scanner

At Holoarch we are able to generate highly accurate 3D maps of indoor/outdoor, built and natural environments, using the associated high quality sensor trajectory data. Our 3D mapping technology allows direct digitalisation of real 3D landscapes into information that can be utilised for analysis and inspection.



Our Value Proposition


Super Fast scanning that can

reach 1 minute for 100sqm

Up to 5mm accuracy for object

at distance of 7 meters



It can be used as handheld or

to be installed on autonomous drones


Anyone can use it without

any specific qualifications




Holoarch is able to scan closed places like buildings, rooms, tunnels.. using indoor navigation where there is no GPS coverage signal. our scanner is equipped with ultrasonic sensors for position detection.


It creates accurate fully textured 3D models from photographs and can be used to capture a range of subjects from the smallest objects to entire landscapes. From this data we can create 3D Models, videos and orthoimages (scaled images with no distortion or perspective), which allow for more accurate and complete interpretative site drawings than ever before.

Risk Areas

Holoarch Scanner can be installed on robotic rovers to access risk areas like High-Voltage Power rooms, Factories, contaminated areas.. autonomously or driven by remotely.

High Building

Installing our scanner on a drone gives the user the ability to reach inaccessible areas such as high ceiling, tall building, power wind turbine..


Demo Video

About Holoarch

We are developer of 3D scanners and LiDAR systems for many fields such as Real State, Construction, Inspection.

Holoarch has awaded the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission.

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